PacificHost is proud to offer our ProGuard Security setup which increases the security, reliability and performance of your server. This worry free solutions means that we not only setup the server but configure, optimize and secure the server for you. Our server solutions require no advanced experience in server administration as we'll take care of everything for you.

Firewall ProtectionFirewall and Brute Force Protection

By default we install and configure CSF, an advanced firewall protection system. We ensure that all server ports are protected and secured against attack. The server utilizes multiple filtering methods to detect multiple forms of attack and protect against it. The firewall also automatically updates itself and will block any spammers and hackers listed in the Spamhaus block list. We also employ an additional form of protection with Login Failure Daemon (LFD) which helps prevent unauthorized access to your server and protects against any Brute Force Attacks.

Server OptimizationServer Optimization and Hardening

All our servers are secured and optimized to perform well in any situation. We optimize the server's Apache, PHP, DNS and SSH configurations to ensure that uneeded services are disabled and the server runs as fast as possible. Additionally we maximize the server's security to protect against syn flood attacks, DNS poisoning, spoofed packets, DDOS attacks and more. We install suPHP and suhosin to help secure PHP and make sure your website is secure on multiple levels.

Server OptimizationAntivirus and Spam Protection

We configure your server to scan all emails for any malicious emails or files using ClamAV. This software detects over 60,000 worms, viruses and trojans. ClamAV is trusted by many prominent institutions and companies around the world. It is configured to perform anti-virus updates daily to ensure your server is always protected. We also apply Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) to your server to ensure that known spammers are automatically blocked so their emails never reach your email.

Server OptimizationHTTP Intrusion and DDOS Protection

Apache modules are pre-installed to ensure that your web applications are protected against DDOS and content injection attacks. Mod_security and mod_evasive are both installed with custom rules to provide protection from a variety of web applications. Mod_evasive protects Apache from HTTP DOS, DDOS and Brute Force Attacks. Our custom rules ensure that false positives are minimized.

Server OptimizationSecurity Audits and Updates

We'll ensure that your server has RootKit Hunter and Chkrootkit installed to help prevent intrusions from hackers, rootkits and worms. We also pro-actively perform kernel upgrades on all VPS services and offer this as an option available for purchase. Our servers are s with the latest version of the CentOS Operating System, Latest cPanel Control Panel, PHP, Apache, Named and other related modules.

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Technical Support is a main factor we focus on here at PacificHost by providing high quality and fast responses to all issues.

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PacificHost runs in a fully redundant, world class datacenter in Dallas, TX.

Super Spam Protection
Spam Protection- SpamAssassin
- ClamAV
- User Configurable
- Custom Filters

We're serious about preventing that spam from reaching your inbox by offering an effective solution.