Inbound Account Transfer Request

Inbound Account Transfer Request

We will transfer any account(s) over from an existing cPanel provider to our servers, absolutely free. Account Transfers Usually occur within 24 hours. With the transfer of an account, we first have to delete any account(s) on our servers before we can begin the transfer process.

Are you moving to a VPS or Dedicated Server?
If you are requesting a transfer to a VPS or Dedicated Server, we do not have any restrictions on the number of accounts or size of accounts we can transfer over for you. If you are requesting a transfer that exceeds 50 cPanel accounts and/or 25GB in data please contact our billing deparmtent to see if we can give you a special rate.

Transfer Fees (If Applicable)
• In order to be eligible for the free site transfer service you must sign up for a plan for at least a 12 month term.
• Currently we are NOT able to offer Windows site transfers.
• Currently we are NOT able to offer ASP and JSP site transfers.
• Currently we are NOT able to offer email transfers.
• Same operating system to same operating system.
• We will transfer up to 5 MySQL databases; the size of each database must not exceed 300MB.
• Maximum of 2GB total disk space.
• If any scripts you use require changes to the code due to the new location/name of the databases, it will be the clients/webmasters responsibility to make any necessary changes. We will attempt to make the customer aware of these scripts during the transfer follow up call in order to avoid confusion and frustration.
• If assistance is required for these changes, we can update scripts at an additional charge of $60.00 per ½ hour (purely at customer request - nonrefundable).

Unlikely, but...
We cannot guarantee the success of any account transfer due to possible backup/transfer restrictions with other web hosts.

Control Panels
Many hosts use their own proprietary control panel or other less common control panels. We support automated (free) transfers from hosts using cPanel. If you are willing to move the files yourself, we can assist you in transferring your MySQL database at no additional cost.