Service Cancellation Request

Service Cancellation Request

Please fill out the form below to request a cancellation of your account. We strive to offer the highest quality of service and we would ask you to contact in order to get any issues resolved. However if you still wish to cancel you may do so via the following form.

Business Hours
Cancellation requests are only processed during regular business hours and therefore may take up to 72 hours to complete your request.

Account Email Only
You must submit your cancellation request using the email address listed on the billing account, otherwise we will have to ask you to resubmit the form as we can only cancel the account with the primary email address on the account.

PayPal Subscription
If you have a PayPal Subscription with us, you MUST CANCEL your PayPal Subscription, or else your PayPal Account will continue to send us money after you cancel. We cannot be held liable if you forget to cancel your PayPal Subscription. Learn how to cancel.

If you are transferring your account
If you are migrating to another service, DO NOT submit your cancellation request until your data has been transferred to your new service. You should make sure your website is pointing to the new service and all your data has been successfully transferred.